Advertising Renegade


Meet Niki, the "no excuses man". Born in the late eighties, he is a cool example of a Millenial - unwilling to compromise on his own values in order to conform, yet kind, compassionate, and emotionally intelligent.

A man looking to inspire and be inspired.

He is by his own description a game-changing optimist and a long time challenger of the status quo. Tell him something is impossible and watch him prove you wrong!

"When I was 6 years old - after hearing that I wasn’t going to be getting a fencing mask from the toy store, I stole it, put it on my face and... well, rolled down the 50+ stairs in front of the store. Down there, I stood with my arms and legs scraped and covered in blood. But guess what! My face was unharmed".


As the youngest-ever Creative Director in Publicis Groupe worldwide, Niki follows the same "nothing is impossible" attitude and has turned his great passion for advertising into a career. He believes that he can make people see a different side of marketing.

"Advertising with a purpose is not just someone’s utopia and I want to be the one to bring it to people, and give them a chance to experience it".


Unapologetic about who he is, Niki marches to the beat of his own drum. Walking freak and a true appreciator of jazz, he never stands alone.

"Growing up the stereo was always blasting a variation of Pink Floyd, Sade, Ritchie Blackmore and Dire Straits. I believe that music is what connects people and its the language we all speak".

Niki has been compelled to share the thing he has found true inspiration in - music. Alongside his partner in crime, he has started a podcast featuring some of his favorite artists and bands, such as Coltrane, Dilla, Madlib, Nas and Led Zeppelin.

"None of the songs are a part of the playlist just because they are "good". They have been chosen because I feel an emotional connection to each one".


Niki is also a walking canvas. Some of his tattoos are a reflection of his personality - the workaholic ("bee"), the lifetime pursuit of knowledge ("black rectangle"), while others have santimental value - the revolver on his right hand:
"It has the first letter of my brother's name on the handle and I got it when he was playing basketball; he shoots with his right hand, the pistol is on my right hand, it made me feel like I was helping him somehow..."
The first thing he says when you look at his Bambi tattoo is: "Do you know that Bambi is actually a boy?" He has taken this favorite childern's character and used it as a platform for social commentary on prejudice and narrow-mindedness. Niki passionately believes that in our search for purpose and meaning, we, as a society, can and should strive for so much more, and look for inspiration in nature and the world around us.


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