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Vegan Conviction

Meet Richie - the white cotton T-shirt and vintage jeans loving Stanford graduate, turned investment banker, turned international model and actor, has made it his mission to engage people on the issues of cruelty-free living and going vegan. He has currently lent his voice to Veganuary - an initiative aiming to reduce the suffering of animals by inspiring people to go vegan for the month of January.

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Rebel Size Guide

Please note that when the elastic waist band of the men's beach shorts is stretched, each size gains approximately 25 cm (or 10 inches) around the waist.

Women's beach shorts are designed to be worn at the hip bone, so when choosing your size it would be best if that is the circumferance you measure.

Recommended garment care: To make sure your Rebel print colors remain bright and vivid for as long as possible, please hand wash in warm water, line dry, and refrain from ironing.