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Meet Niki, the "no excuses man". Born in the late eighties, he is a cool example of a Millenial - unwilling to compromise on his own values in order to conform, yet kind, compassionate, and emotionally intelligent. A man looking to inspire and be inspired. He is by his own description a game-changing optimist and a long time challenger of the status quo. Tell him something is impossible and watch him prove you wrong!

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Rebel Size Guide

Please note that when the elastic waist band of the men's beach shorts is stretched, each size gains approximately 25 cm (or 10 inches) around the waist.

Women's beach shorts are designed to be worn at the hip bone, so when choosing your size it would be best if that is the circumferance you measure.

Recommended garment care: To make sure your Rebel print colors remain bright and vivid for as long as possible, please hand wash in warm water, line dry, and refrain from ironing.