Sumatran Tiger Beach Shorts

  • A pair of our beautifully-designed women's beach shorts, inspired by the critically endangered Sumatran tiger.

    Made from 100% polyamide - a soft, durable and quick-drying fabric. To ensure the longevity of the colors, the print has been sun, salt water, and chlorine-tested.

    The beach shorts have two side-front pockets, and feature our custom-designed, branded drawstring cap-end. Each pair comes with an environmentally conscious drawstring pouch, and all packaging is made from recycled and repurposed materials.

    Every element of our beautiful beach shorts is designed and hand-crafted in Europe.

    Please note that the model in this photo is 175cm tall (5’9”) and is wearing size S.
  • Once prowling across much of Asia, tigers have lost 93% of their historical range over the last century. Today the six remaining tiger subspecies exist in fragmented pockets of habitat. These apex predators are now all endangered. The Sumatran tiger is the lone survivor of the three Indonesian tiger subspecies. Sadly, the Sumatran tiger is now classified as critically endangered with recent estimates suggesting less than 400 Sumatran tigers are left in the wild. It is found mostly in protected areas of forest, such as the Leuser Ecosystem.

    Although it sports a longer mane and beard, the Sumatran tiger is the smallest of all living tigers. Their reduced size is an adaptation to the smaller prey and very dense jungle of their native habitat. A strong swimmer, this tiger can pursue prey in the water effectively. Territorial and mostly solitary, the Sumatran tiger is nevertheless social when encountering other tigers. In order to meet their prey requirements, they need very large areas of contiguous habitat.

    The threats pushing this awe-inspiring animal to the brink of extinction are forest habitat destruction and fragmentation, poaching of tigers and hunting of their prey, and killing due to conflict with villagers. Indonesia has the highest deforestation rate in the world, surpassing even Brazil, and the island of Sumatra tops the table. Massive deforestation for palm oil plantations, logging and mining is destroying the habitat of the Sumatran tiger. In turn road networks for these extractive industries have increased tiger poaching, the hunting of tiger prey, and the likelihood of human-tiger conflict. Most tigers in Sumatra are killed deliberately for commercial gain for their skins and body parts, to be used for ornamentation and for traditional medicine. 

  • Forest, Nature and Environment of Aceh (HAkA) is a local grassroots NGO working to protect the Leuser Ecosystem in Indonesia. HAkA is fighting on the frontline to try to save the Sumatran tiger from ending up as something that only exists as a historical record. HAkA supports 11 Wildlife Protection Teams managed by the Leuser Conservation Forum (FKL) in the most important forest areas across the Leuser Ecosystem. These teams consist of 4-5 highly trained and dedicated rangers with a mission to achieve a zero-kill rate for all wildlife inside this protected forest, and in particular for the Critically Endangered tiger, rhino, orangutan and elephant.

    The rangers are their guardians on the ground, directly protecting the Leuser Ecosystem from encroachment, illegal logging and poaching. They destroy the traps, snares and poisoned baits that they find set for wildlife and prevent the destruction of forests. The most common traps the rangers destroy are designed to kill tigers and deer and they do so slowly and painfully. Rebel has set out to support HaKa in keeping their teams constantly guarding the frontline and saving the lives of tigers so that the population can thrive again.

    $30 from the retail price of each pair will go directly to our wonderful partners at HAkA! 

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Rebel Size Guide

Please note that when the elastic waist band of the men's beach shorts is stretched, each size gains approximately 25 cm (or 10 inches) around the waist.

Women's beach shorts are designed to be worn at the hip bone, so when choosing your size it would be best if that is the circumferance you measure.

Recommended garment care: To make sure your Rebel print colors remain bright and vivid for as long as possible, please hand wash in warm water, line dry, and refrain from ironing.