Maui Dolphin Beach Shorts

  • A pair of our beautifully-designed women's beach shorts, inspired by the critically endangered Maui dolphin.

    Made from 100% polyamide - a soft, durable and quick-drying fabric. To ensure the longevity of the colors, the print has been sun, salt water, and chlorine-tested.

    The beach shorts have two side-front pockets, and feature our custom-designed, branded drawstring cap-end. Each pair comes with an environmentally conscious drawstring pouch, and all packaging is made from recycled and repurposed materials.

    Every element of our beautiful beach shorts is designed and hand-crafted in Europe.

    Please note that the model in this photo is 175cm tall (5’9”) and is wearing size S.
  • Maui's dolphin, also known as 'popoto', is the world's rarest and smallest subspecies of dolphin and is only found off the West coast of New Zealand. With less than 50 individuals left in the world, it is qualified as critically endangered by IUCN.

    Having distinctive grey, white, and black markings and a short snout, they are most easily recognized by their unique round dorsal fins. Maui's dolphins are generally found close to shore in groups or pods of several dolphins and are known to live up to 20 years. Female Maui's dolphins are not sexually mature until they are 7 to 9 years of age, and hey then produce one calf every 2 - 4 years. 

    Maui's dolphins use echolocation to navigate, communicate, and find their food. High-frequency ultrasonic clicks reflect back to the dolphin any objects found in the water. Maui's dolphins feed on small fish, squid, and ocean floor-dwelling species such as flatfish and cod.

    Based on 2012 estimates, there are believed to be fewer than 50 individuals left in the world. The biggest threats to Maui's dolphins are set net entanglements, which cause the dolphins to drown, and diseases responsible for decreased fertility.

  • Project Jonah is an exceptional and inspiring grassroots NGO located in New Zealand existing for one simple reason – marine mammals desperately need our help. Their vision is to create a world where these animals are respected and protected, and to achieve this they enlist the help of numerous volunteers - everyday Kiwis that give up their time to help marine mammals through rescue, action and protection programs. Whether they’re picking up litter on beaches or getting hands on in rescuing stranded mammals, they’re out there helping. 

    They pride themselves on being passionate, honest, open and down to earth – things that Kiwis are well known for. They've pioneered whale rescue techniques, and have shared this technology and expertise with the rest of the world. At the heart of Project Jonah is a passionate belief that caring about marine mammals is simply the right thing to do. They care about the welfare of these animals; their suffering and their needs. We believe that both animals and people matter. Whilst the animals are central to what we do, it’s people that make our work possible. New Zealand can lead the world in marine mammal welfare and protection.

    $30 from the retail price of each pair will go directly to our partners at Project Jonah! 

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Rebel Size Guide

Please note that when the elastic waist band of the men's beach shorts is stretched, each size gains approximately 25 cm (or 10 inches) around the waist.

Women's beach shorts are designed to be worn at the hip bone, so when choosing your size it would be best if that is the circumferance you measure.

Recommended garment care: To make sure your Rebel print colors remain bright and vivid for as long as possible, please hand wash in warm water, line dry, and refrain from ironing.